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Discovering the Essence: Guide to Yoni Massage

by Emily Morrison 06 Oct 2023
Discovering the Essence: Guide to Yoni Massage
In many cultures, people might see their private parts as dirty or not pleasant to look at. But, there's an ancient way of viewing these body parts differently. In Sanskrit, a language from ancient India, the word for vulva is "yoni", which means "sacred space". In tantra, a kind of spiritual practice, massaging the yoni is seen as something that lifts the spirit.
Yoni massage is more than just a feel-good activity; it's a spiritual journey aiming to help the receiver feel a deeper connection to their body and sexual energy. The main aim isn’t reaching orgasm, but to enjoy the sensation of touch. The person giving the massage touches the vulva and vagina in many ways just for pleasure, which helps the receiver see their body and sexuality as something special and sacred.
People might try yoni massage to relax without the need to satisfy a partner, to heal from sexual trauma by enjoying pleasure on their own terms, and to enjoy outer stimulation without moving on to penetration.
The benefits of yoni massage include creating a bond and sparking passion, growing sexual confidence, building sexual mindfulness, and forming a positive bond with one's body. Yoni massages can be self-given or shared with a partner.
Here are steps to follow for an enriching yoni massage:

Talk About It:

Initiating a conversation with your partner before embarking on the journey of Yoni massage is of paramount importance. This isn’t merely a physical expedition but a profound emotional and spiritual venture as well. Through dialogue, you lay the foundation of trust, consent, and understanding, which are crucial for the enriching experience that Yoni massage aims to provide.
Firstly, discuss openly about what each of you desires from this experience. Yoni massage is centered around exploring and cherishing the feminine energy. Therefore, having a clear understanding of each other's expectations can significantly enhance the journey you are about to undertake together.
Secondly, it’s essential to address any physical discomfort, pain, or past traumas. Your partner may have certain areas that are sensitive or off-limits due to past experiences. Discussing this beforehand not only ensures the comfort and safety of the receiver but also fosters a deeper level of trust. Moreover, understanding any boundaries or triggers can help in creating a nurturing and supportive environment, which is essential for the healing and empowering essence of Yoni massage.

Set the Mood:

Creating the right ambiance is a step closer to the holistic experience that Yoni massage seeks to provide. The environment should be soothing to all senses, nurturing a feeling of relaxation, safety, and comfort.
Start by choosing a quiet and cozy place, free from disturbances, where both of you can feel at ease. The essence of Yoni massage is deeply rooted in tranquility and being in tune with oneself and each other; hence a serene environment is fundamental.
Soft, melodious music can fill the space with calmness and help in transitioning from the day’s hustle to a more relaxed and present state of mind. The gentle flicker of candlelight not only adds a romantic touch but also softens the environment, making it more welcoming.

Having body-friendly massage oil and lube ready is wise. The right kind of massage oil can enhance the tactile experience, making the touch more soothing and enjoyable.
Trimming your nails is a small but significant step in preparing for the massage. It reflects your consideration towards ensuring that every aspect of the experience is comfortable and safe for your partner.

Get Ready:

Preparing mentally and physically is crucial for both the giver and the receiver. Yoni massage isn’t just a practice but a journey of exploring and celebrating sexual energy.
Both partners taking a few minutes to relax, breathe, and become present can significantly enhance the experience. It helps in shedding the day’s stresses and coming into a calm and receptive state of mind.
The receiver may find it beneficial to engage in activities that help in connecting with their body. Breathing exercises, yoga, or even dancing can be very grounding and help in tuning into one’s own body, preparing for the journey ahead. This can be a shared activity, making the preparation phase a bonding experience, or it can be done individually, allowing for personal space before coming together.
This preparation phase is not merely about the physical readiness but also about aligning with the intent of the Yoni massage, which is to celebrate, explore, and nurture. Taking the time to prepare is a step towards ensuring a fulfilling and enriching Yoni massage experience.

Massage the Body:

Don’t rush to the genitals. Start with a relaxing full body massage. Gently touch and massage other body parts first, like the back, legs, and arms. As your partner relaxes, slowly move closer to the genitals by massaging the hips and inner thighs.

Massage the Outside Area:

When your partner is relaxed, start massaging the vulva. Try different kinds of touch like rubbing, kneading, or gently pulling. If you want, use sex toys to help with the massage, but keep it focused on the massage, not like usual playtime. If an orgasm happens, that's okay, but it’s not the goal. Check with your partner to know when they are ready to finish. A yoni massage can last as long or as short as your partner wants. Making sounds or moaning can feel really good and is encouraged.

Massage Inside:

Ask your partner before you massage inside the vagina. Make sure they are aroused and well-lubricated for comfort. If they want, you can gently touch the G-spot and the walls of the vagina.

Allow Feelings:

A yoni massage can bring out different feelings. Be understanding and let your partner express themselves. It's normal if they cry, shake, or have other body reactions as emotions are released. It’s good to let these feelings out.

Take Care After:

After the massage, your partner might want to relax and wind down. Sit or cuddle with them, offer some food or drink, and talk about any thoughts or feelings they want to share. This caring time after the massage is part of the whole experience, making it more comforting and enjoyable. Whether you are giving or receiving a yoni massage with a partner, this practice can make you feel more connected and understanding of each other’s bodies and feelings.

Talking about Yoni Massage with Your Partner:

If you want to explore yoni massage with a partner, tell them about this practice and ask their opinion. Understanding each other makes it easier to talk about sexual topics.
The beauty of yoni massage therapy lies in its ability to blend the sensual massage techniques of tantric sex and tantric yoni massage, bringing forth a wholesome experience that not only enhances sexual energy but also promotes healing and well-being. Whether giving or receiving a yoni massage, the journey through the varied yoni massage techniques promises a deeper understanding and appreciation of the body, paving the way for a liberated sexual experience.
Emily Morrison
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